The Concept


The Name

PASHA: Sexy, nice *unless messed with*, fighter, sweet, caring for his/her lover, protective, doesn’t follow crowds. []

The Background

Pasha Salon was created based on the concept of combining artful and responsible hairdressing.  

We questioned how we could create beautiful hair and an inspired salon experience all while lessening the impact of the waste our industry produces each year. 

We questioned how we could do what we love all while honoring ourselves, the planet, and the animals that share it with us.

The Result

We knew that the balance of artistic and technical skill was crucial to the concept.  We also knew that we had to use and offer sustainable, cruelty-free product and retail lines that support bio-diversity and low-impact packaging.

But we couldn’t stop there. We had to acknowledge the bigger problem.  There is a staggering amount of waste produced in the salon industry every year for which we are responsible.  To this end, we are proud to be the first salon in the City of Chattanooga to partner with Green Circle Salons.  

This partnership allows us to redirect, recycle and repurpose upwards of 95% of all chemical, metal, paper, plastic, and even hair waste! 

Artistically, we specialize in helping our clients create styles that work best for their individual personality and lifestyle.  Hairdressing is an art form, and our stylists have been trained to combine art with science and technical skill to provide our clients with an inspired experience.  We believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients so they can enjoy styling their hair successfully at home. 

Do the Right Thing (And Look Good Doing It)!

Being beautiful is a lifestyle!  Our clients and staff can feel proud about making the choice to support high-end sustainable color and product lines, and the responsible disposal of our chemical waste.